Tuition and Fees

As with all parish families, school families are expected to contribute five percent (5%) of their annual income to the parish.

Tuition (fees for the 2021-22 school year)

One child - $310.00 per family per month for 9 months ($2790)
Two or more children - $400.00 per family per month for 9 months ($3600)

Book/Technology Fees

$300.00 per student with 1/2 ($150.00) due May 1; second 1/2 due the first day of school

Bus Transportation

$90.00 per month for 9 months, $60.00 per month for AM or PM only. Routes may be cancelled if fewer than 5 families utilize the service.

Lunch & Breakfast Meals

$3.00 per day for lunch; $2.00 per day for breakfast

Kindergarten Snack Fee

$50.00 per year

Please note:  Fee payments should be made out on separate checks as they are deposited separately. Some checks go to the parish, some to school and some to the lunch program.