Tuition and Fees

As with all parish families, school families are expected to contribute five percent (5%) of their annual income to the parish.

Tuition (fees for the 2019-20 school year)

One child - $295.00 per family per month for 9 months ($2655)
Two or more children - $335.00 per family per month for 9 months ($3015)

Book/Technology Fees

$200.00 per student with 1/2 ($100.00) due May 1; second 1/2 due the first day of school

Bus Transportation

$90.00 per month for 9 months, $60.00 per month for AM or PM only

Lunch & Breakfast Meals

$2.75 per day for lunch; $1.75 per day for breakfast

Kindergarten Snack Fee

$50.00 per year

Please note:  Checks for fees should always be made out on separate checks as they are deposited separately and we do not have the funds here to cash the checks.  Some checks go to the parish, some to school and some to the lunch program.  This may be a slight inconvenience for you but a big help for us.