Funeral Luncheon

During a time of loss, families need the most care. Here at St. Clement Parish, a funeral luncheon is provided to families who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

A small group of parishioners provide 100 pieces of chicken, one family provides a ham, the Ladies Sodality provides drinks and supplies, and we rely on others in our family of faith to provide a donated main or side dish, or dessert, to make a complete meal for the family. The Knights of Columbus offer the use of the hall.

A team of women gather on the day of the funeral to prepare and serve the meal with care, providing an opportunity for the family to spend time with loved one and friends following the service or burial.

Please contact Mary Carol Niemeyer at 573-324-2808, to make plans for a funeral luncheon.

Please contact Fern Grote at 573-324-5660, if you would like to join the group that provides the chicken for the meal.

Donations for the use of the KC Hall, and to the Ladies Sodality for the supplies, are always greatly appreciated.