St. Anne’s Ladies Sodality

St. Anne's Ladies Sodality is a group of women from the Parish who socialize and work together for the good of the parish community.  They cater many meals for the many organizations and groups that utilize the KC Hall.  The proceeds are used to help with the upkeep of the KC Hall and also to fund many projects at the school or church.

To become a member, simply attend a meeting.  Watch the church bulletin for notices about meeting times.  Most new members join at Christmas or Easter, but members are welcome anytime.  The dues are $5.00 per year.  Each member is assigned to one of five committees.  The committee chairperson will be informed of the addition to her group and will call the member when needed to work.  The committees work at the various catered affairs and fund raisers for the parish.

For more information, contact: Shirley Touchette at 573-669-5213

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