Friends of Martha Ministry

There is a story in the Gospel of Luke of a woman named Martha whose gifts were in service to Jesus and those around her (Luke 10:38-42).  Today we might call Martha “a helping hand” or, a good friend. The “Friends of Marthas” at St. Clement Catholic Church are volunteers, our parishes’ helping hands, available to assist you in times of need. The Marthas Ministry lends assistance to members of our parish when families and friends are temporarily unavailable. This assistance is provided (in complete confidentiality) with glad and willing hearts!

We all face challenges through life and many times having an extra meal, someone to grab the groceries or to help run simple errands can make the difference in what gets us through each day. We may have older parents we worry about, whether they are living in our homes, on their own, or in a Nursing Home. We may be a caregiver needing an hour break. We may even just want company, a visitor to read with, or to help with a simple chore. Whether you are celebrating the joy of a newborn child, facing the challenges of chemotherapy, need a ride to Church or a doctor’s appointment, the volunteers, “Friends of Martha” are here to stand beside you.  Whatever your needs or circumstance, we want to show you Christ’s love in action.

When you decide you wish to become a part of this group as a “friend of Martha”, you will be asked if you have a preference as to how you may help others. Each of the services listed below has been suggested by and will be provided by one or more friends of Martha volunteers. The Rectory Office and the Marthas Coordinator have a current list of these ‘friends’ of Martha and will make every effort to match volunteers to the specific situation of those in need. The wonderful thing about the “Friends of Marthas” is that anyone and everyone can contribute. Everyone from a teen to a grand-adult can volunteer! It is easy to help out, even if you need to stay at home, are only available when you are not working, or if you only have an hour every once in awhile. The more volunteers there are, the more we can help our loved ones without wearing out the volunteers!

If you are an individual in need, or just want to find out how you can become involved in your Parish by helping others, the Marthas’ Ministry wants to hear from you. Simply call Fr. Bill at the Rectory (573-324-5545), or Mary Twellman, the current Marthas’ Coordinator (573-324-5471), or send an email request to “Marthas” at  We’ll take it from there!

Some ways the friends of Marthas can help those temporarily in need:

  • Grocery Shopping: Make a list and then let a friend of Martha pick up your groceries. Other local errands? We can help!
  • Meals: Sometimes just getting a meal on the table is a huge challenge.  Let our network of volunteers bring your meals so that you can concentrate on the more urgent matters at hand.
  • Transportation: Our Volunteer Friends of Martha can help transport you to and from local appointments.
  • Mass:  Want to go to Sunday or weekday Masses but have no way to get there?  A friend of Martha will pick you up and get you to the Church on time.
  • Care Cards/Phone calls: These are personal notes and calls sent to those who have experienced a loss, birth, hospitalization, etc.
  • Care Giver Relief: If you are a caregiver in need of some time to yourself, one of our volunteers will take your place in sitting with the individual you are responsible for.
  • Simple Household Tasks: When you are unable, we will help with your laundry, dusting, vacuuming, etc.
  • Visiting:  Know someone in a retirement home or a rehab center with no local family or friends?  Know someone who is sick or lonely?  Allow a Friend of Marthas volunteer to pay them a visit.
  • Small Pets:  Are you worried about Fluffy needing to be let out or walked?  Do the fish need to be fed?  We can check to make sure everything is okay should you need to be away from home overnight.
  • Household Repairs: Light repairs are provided for those who cannot or should not be doing them.  (e.g., changing light bulbs, fixing a broken hinge, etc.)
  • Letter writing:  Want to send a note to a grandchild, a letter to a relative overseas, but arthritis or other condition makes writing by hand difficult?  Allow a Friend of Marthas volunteer to do the writing for you.  We’ll even provide the stationery and envelopes.

Even if you don’t see what you need on this list, please get in touch with us.  We believe that the person who resides in Divine Hope will be able to make the world a better place by doing things for each other that will build up and reflect God’s own love for us.  Your call helps us as much as we may help you!