Welcome to St. Clement Catholic Parish
Bowling Green, Missouri

We, the parishioners and leaders of St. Clement Parish, located in the Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City Missouri, are grounded in our Catholic heritage with an eye to our future.
Join us as we continue to respond to God's grace to build up the Body of Christ and boldly proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ as His disciples.

 We Welcome You!
Fr. Bill Peckman

Link to Fr. Bill's Blog:
Ramblings of a Country Pastor

Parish Center Rental

Contact Parish Office at 324-5545


Check the Bibb-Veach Funeral Home website - www.bibbveach.com - for up to date information about funeral services and obituaries.

Pray for the Sick:

 Gary Gollaher          Ronnie Grote        Vallie Tepen     
Frank Geujen          Bob Andrews         Vicki Niemeyer     
Nolan Miller            Casey Nutter         Betty Salois     
Nancy Allen             John Deters          Eden Murray     
Derek Labbee         Christine Lewis      Bob Henson    
Thelma Luebrecht    Bobby Meyer        Bernice Schuckenbrock           

To be placed on Prayer Line
Call Sandy Merz 324-5617 or 470-5647
or email: Judy Oberman at  judyandneiloberman@sbcglobal.net

Martha's Ministry

Do you need help with meals during an illness?
Need a ride? Our volunteer friends of Martha can help transport you to and from local appointments.
Call Mary Twellman 324-8414 or Penny Gast 324-4832
We are here to help!!

Quick Links

Authorization Agreement.pdf

This above link is for auto withdrawal of funds to the church as your tithe.
All information is private and handled at Community State Bank. Please turn
in your printed form to Ali at Church office or Barbie Gamm at CSB. Thanks!


Camp Maccabee
Website: http://campmaccabee.com/